Springfield Road, Brighton

We secured planning consent for a new build house within the rear garden of a large semi-detached Victorian house in Brighton.

Although the plot was extremely tight – with a 2m wide access point and only measuring 530sqm in total – we came up with a design for a contemporary 2-bed home that also ticked the council’s boxes in terms of stringent policy requirements on sustainability.

This modern eco-home is built with SIPs (structural insulated panel system) panels, which create an airtight system meaning it’s highly insulated. The home also incorporates a sedum roof which is perfect for attracting pollinating insects that are key to enhancing biodiversity, further boosting its sustainability credentials. On top of that the green roof design improves the outlook for adjoining properties that overlook the site.

Slotting well into this highly constrained spot, we carefully oriented the building to maintain the privacy of neighbouring properties whilst still providing amenity space for the new home.

It’s a perfect example of making the most of tight space – something we love to do.

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