Five minutes with... Adrian

Adrian joined the Mohsin Cooper team six months ago and is our Senior Architectural Designer. We flagged him down in between site visits to give us a flavour of what he gets up to and what he likes best about his job.

What does your role entail at Mohsin Cooper?

My job is completely hands on. I develop designs as well as taking on the technical construction side of things.

I work closely with contractors to guide them so that designs come to fruition as intended. That means I’m often responding to requests for design changes, even after the various approvals are in place.

What sort of changes might be needed?

It can be as a result of changes in building regulations meaning different materials or window designs are needed.

It might be that our client has assessed the market and wants to either upgrade aspects of the design or needs to cut back.

Whatever it is, I need to make sure that the end result looks good, works for the end user, and can pass the relevant planning and building control regulations.

What’s your path to Mohsin Cooper looked like?

I trained as an architect and have been the partner in my own firm, but side stepped into construction management about 5 years ago, working on site with contractors, project managing numerous commercial builds in London. But, I missed architecture so I jumped at the opportunity to be back working in an architectural design practice.

My on-site experience means I’ve got a good grasp of how designs on a page will work in real life, and I guess that’s why I’m a good fit at Mohsin Cooper now.

What had you missed about architecture?

It’s being able to create something new, to pick up someone’s vision, evolve it and turn it into something real. Good architecture helps people, should make life simpler, and it’s about improving people’s outlook and well-being.

What is your favourite sort of project to get your hands into?

I do a bit of everything, from a single householder extension project worth £150k to a 22 flat scheme worth £2m.

I honestly like them all. With the smaller jobs you can see what it means to your client and you can take on their input into the design process. There’s that immediate gratification.

With larger jobs you get to work with a whole host of people, and whilst it’s a much longer game, it’s worth it when you reach major milestones like securing planning or topping out ceremonies.

There’s a new challenge in everything.

What Mohsin Cooper project are you currently enjoying?

I’m currently working on a luxury apartment scheme in north London where we’ve been instructed right from the start of the feasibility stage. For me, the feasibility is the fun stage; you can really let rip with your imagination.

It’s now progressing towards the pre-application planning stage, so watch this space.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

‘Architecture is like a Swiss time piece, elegant and functional’

And what about you, what do you like doing in your spare time?

Pre-covid, I’d really relish traveling and playing tennis. Travel restrictions are relaxing now but I’m yet to go on my next global adventure. Perhaps I will start planning a trip to Bruges, it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.